life coaching for women in affairs

Here is where ‘The Other Woman’ is accepted

Our foundation: Worthiness and wellness

Stephanie Stewart -


I’m Stephanie

Experienced mistress. Certified life coach.

Most women in affairs can’t talk with anyone without feeling they’re being judged.

Can you relate?

I’ve created a safe space for compassionate conversations, courageous self-discovery, and authentic living – Just Because You’re Worthy.

No judgment. No shaming.

Your not alone

we’ve saved your seat at the table…

Join a collective of women, choosing their direction of life and love.

One thing’s for sure, here, you don’t have to worry about keeping your affair a secret, to have a connection. You already belong.

No matter where you are on your journey, your presence is valued.

Rest assured, we’ll approach each coaching conversation as a possibility to explore, instead of a problem to solve.

We embrace our perfect imperfections around here.

And we’ll support you as you take courageous steps rumbling with and owning your story.

At your service

take a look…

Individual Coaching

Personal, intimate and inspiring conversations for major impact and results.

Self-guided Products

Most women in affairs experience one of three common challenges. See if you are too.

Group Coaching

Daring Way™ trainings created by and based on the research from Dr. Brené Brown.




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