Life coaching on-demand

What is DCS Online?

DCS Online offers several video-based, self-guided coaching sessions, to fit your relationship status and needs, according to the three most common challenges.

It’s as if you have your own personal life coach available to you 24/7.

Just log in anytime and the next session is waiting for you.

No longer burdened by the dark clouds of shame and secrecy, keeping you silent, confused, and stuck, you’re free to figure out your direction forward with a clear mind, vision, and action plan.

Is DCS Online right for me?

DCS Online is right for you if you can use someone in your corner, right now.

Friends and family can listen and offer advice, and usually they disapprove.

Unspoken disapproval is agonizing too.

Ask yourself, ‘What could be possible if I have a safe space to just be?’
[Pause here and really think about that question]

Who is the DCS Online Life Coach?

Your online life coach is Stephanie Stewart – experienced mistress, certified life coach.

Stephanie is dedicated to creating a safe space for women in affairs. No judgment. No shaming.

“During my coaching sessions, I noticed themes emerging, that I experienced too.
So I created DCS Online, a coaching framework for each of the 3 common challenges opportunities
that eventually surface.

Now, even more women can be empowered and inspired, moving forward in their life.”

What’s included?

Videos released weekly

Journaling prompts

Creative projects

Reading assignments

Which can you relate to?

Needing to figure out if you’ll stay or leave?


  • Get off the emotional rollercoaster

  • Bring balance to your heart & mind

  • Make life and love decisions rooted in self-care & meaning

  • 6 weeks to greater clarity

  • 34 videos

It’s over and/or you need to move on?


  • Positively reframe loss as lessons learned

  • Become mindful and intentional, focusing on your wellness

  • Move into the next phase of your life encouraged, inspired, and aligned with your vision

  • 8 weeks to bounce forward

  • 28 videos

You’re committed and hopeful, but you’re a secret?


  • Cultivate inner peace with your love choices

  • Courageously expand your self-awareness, experiencing more ‘Aha’ moments

  • Tap into the power within you, creating your unique, wholehearted life

  • 10 weeks connecting to your truth

  • 34 videos


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