DearCoachStephanie Reimagined: New Possibilities, Life, and Energy

I was ready to ‘level-up.’

Ready for more

So, I decided to give the website and video content a new design to reflect the new life and energy that is flowing through me and into (Thanks, 2020.)

One of the beauties of life coaching involves a creative process that is thought provoking and inspirational, fostering the possibilities. Fortunately for me, a question that I asked one of my clients lingered in my heart. I love when that happens. One question impacts both of us. Two for one.

It had been 2 weeks since our last call. The question was: Within the past 2 weeks, how did you become more of the person you envision? [Pause. Sit with that question for a minute.]

Usually, I/we can run a list of the things I/we did not get done or where I/we failed. That question makes you think first about your envisioned self, then it generates a scan of your mental database of your accomplishments and successes that are in alignment with the person you are becoming. Giving yourself credit for the tiniest acts no matter how silly it may sound, it’s progress. It makes you acknowledge… You.

Although, we have a new design, our foundation remains the same: Worthiness and Wellness. I envision ‘a place at the table’ amongst other helping professionals, representing women in affairs, discussing empathy, compassion, and wellness. Ans I’m there, we’re there, because we are worthy.

Coaching question to ponder: How have you become more of the person you envision?

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