COVID-19, a mega virus, is fulfilling its agenda, globally: to invade its host, multiply and destroy.

Modern-day humans have never witnessed medical, economic, emotional trauma simultaneously, and regardless of nationality, skin color, economic status, gender.

We will never forget this time.

As of this writing, the end of April, we are nearing 60 days into our stay-home-to-stop-the-spread strategies.

Looking at my IG feed, in addition to the daily reminders of being safe, responsible, and accountable for other humans, I’m noticing messages of empathy and kindness, to take each moment at a time. The disruption can certainly make us weary. And when we’re weary and stressed and not paying attention to practice compassion, ugly behaviors show up.

Therefore, I have a prediction about the impact of COVID-19 on affairs: More pre-corona affairs will not survive, leading to a boom of new-corona affairs.

[I’m curious to know if Ashley Madison has seen a spike in membership?]

We’re constantly surrounded by messages to stay safe – stay away – wear a mask – wash your hands – don’t touch…anything – no gatherings, albeit for safety. However, for most of us, our first thoughts are filtered by fear, instead of gratitude for guidance. This fuels anxiety. Again, when we’re anxious our best self-soothing, self-aware practices can leave us and we can become snarky and short, at best. And who is on the receiving end of this less than glorious behaviors: those closest to us.

Because of this shift, a new relationship dynamic appears, that we don’t like. If our tolerance tank is low, $hit can hit the fan. Out of anger, frustration, or being apathetic, this will be the time quarreling affair partners will justify their break-up.

I can almost bet as those lack luster affairs are ending, new shiny and exciting connections are blooming, just in time for spring. The freshness of a new ‘friendship’ is a relief [or numbing] from an uncertain reality.

During difficult times, our primary modus operandi is taking the easiest route for self-protection. Affairs are no different.

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