Almost a year ago, in another blog post, How 3 Non-verbal Reactions During Introductions Have Inspired Me,

I set out to continue to lean in to my discomfort, when face-to-face with someone and openly share, I work with women in affairs, instead of the generic, ‘I’m a life coach.’ AND figure out how to somewhat repair a rupture if my introduction blind-sides someone’s emotional memory

Telling my story online is easy-peasy. I can’t see your reaction. Sure, there’s written responses; however, most of the feedback is useful, regardless if it’s positive or negative, and I can reflect and look for a take-away, on my terms, in my own private space.

But, being up close and personal is different.

First, let me say this: I take pride in being from Brooklyn, NY (Brownsville, to be exact), and I have an environmental foundation of not giving zero f#$ks about your feeling or what you might think of me. A paradox because, I’ve always chosen a helping profession. However, as I’ve evolved to reveal my true self, I’ve shed a lot of the armor of toughness. I do care about what SOME people think and the possibility of triggering someone concerns me.

Peace is upon me, though.

And what’s interesting, I ended up where I started…with my intentions.

I will do my best to stay grounded in my truth, that I am here to cultivate worthiness and wellness, with compassion and connection, no matter who I’m present with.

I give myself permission to trust that I am capable of meeting people where they are within their affair experience (a betrayed spouse, an affair partner), with empathy.

I give myself permission to be uncomfortable with uncertainty.

Stephanie Stewart
Stephanie Stewart

Stephanie Stewart is the founder of, providing life coaching for women in affairs. She has created a safe space for women to have compassionated conversations simply because they are worthy. Check out what she offers for each relationship status here.

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