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What to expect

My intention is to approach each coaching conversation or interactions as a possibility to explore, instead of a problem to solve.

Our foundation: Worthiness and Wellness

As a wellness coaching client expect to:
• explore your intentions for coaching; identifying your desired outcomes and areas of growth
• expand your self-awareness – connecting to your strengths, values and motivations
• build emotional stamina to manage and perservere through overwhelming moments
• design your own, actionable coaching plan, according to your vision
• go beyond your comfort zone
• cultivate experiences that build your courage and confidence to sustain your badassness

As your wellness coach, expect me to:
• be present with you, fully engaged and attentive to meet your needs
• model compassion and empathy, empowering you to do the same for yourself and others
• practice transparency and vulnerability, expressing my authenticity
• continue learning and growing professionally, staying current and curious about the coaching industry, to better serve you

Coaching investment: $249/50-minuntes


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